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Attorney Tamara Grosvenor served many years on the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. She believes every child deserves to grow up in an environment that is free of neglect, abuse, or any types of assault.  Critical factors in protecting children from abuse include understanding how abusers present themselves as well as how they manipulate the very systems designed to protect children. Ms. Grosvenor is highly knowledgeable in utilizing resources available in our community to help.



Physical child abuse may include shaking, kicking, hitting, burning or any type of bodily harm. Emotional abuse occurs with shouting, vulgar language, parental alienation, yelling at or in the presence of the child, name-calling or demonization of the child. Sexual abuse may be understood as forced viewing of sexual acts or any lewd behavior toward a child. Negligence occurs when the caretaker fails to provide adequate supervision of the child, proper food or clothing, or to maintain a clean and safe living environment. Negligence also occurs where there is  failure to seek medical attention, or to use a required car seat, or driving with a child while under the influence, or any other dangerous driving behavior.  



Whether you suspect or believe your child is being abused or your child has witnessed domestic violence, critical action must be taken. Immediately consult a Family Law Attorney if Child Welfare Services/CWS (formerly Child Protective Services CPS) has contacted you or your family. Parents may be criminally charged with failing to protect their children. Parents who make false allegations of child abuse by the other parent may lose custody of the child. 

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A parent who encourages a child to reject the other parent (the target parent) without a valid reason is causing parental alienation. Some experts claim this is a form of child physiological psychological abuse because the child is not only being manipulated but is being denied an essential relationship with a healthy and safe parent.  If your child is experiencing alienation, please act quickly. Consult an attorney who will support you in doing everything possible to protect your child and preserve your relationship with your child.


If you are in an abusive situation and believe you need to leave with your children for an emergency shelter, immediately consult a Tahoe Family Law Attorney to understand the correct precautions necessary to protect you and your children’s legal rights. 

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