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Prepare for Mediation and Custody Evaluations

 The Custody of your children is likely the most important issue you face. What you say before and during mediation and custody evaluations can determine your parenting time, and custody of your children. Learn what to say, and not say before your first mediation or custody evaluation. Get the coaching your children deserve.  



Obtain needed knowledge and insight on working with mediators, custody evaluators, and the court. Learn how to and what to say so the best interest of your children is considered.  


Are you the Imperfect Parent?

Learn how to address your past mistakes, and issues the other parent is likely to raise. What to say and do if you have abused alcohol or other substances.


Family Dispute


Ms. Grosvenor become an attorney while volunteering for Sierra Community House (former Tahoe Safe Alliance) as well as the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Truckee North Lake Tahoe (CAPC) in both Placer and Nevada Counties. Because of her vast experience, Grosvenor understands the issues mediators and court evaluators consider when making custody recommendations.

Get Custody Coaching from an attorney that has years of experience serving children and families and working with Child Welfare Services, schools, and nonprofits serving children.    

  • How to best present your concerns in mediation or custody evaluation 

  • How to keep your children out of the conflict

  • Things to say and not say to a custody evaluator

  • Convey your concerns to others

  • Better communicate with the other parent

  • Organize and document

  • Present concerns about the other parent


Email or call 530-580-8722 to request the agreement and release forms.

Once the completed forms and the online payment of $500 are received your virtual one-hour session may be scheduled. 


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