Divorcing is a complicated and emotional process. Decisions and actions must be taken that will affect your and your children’s rights for many years to come. 


If you are considering self-representation please consult a Truckee Tahoe Family Law Attorney for a strategy session first. Make tough decisions from an educated informed position. If you are contemplating divorce there are things you should do and other things must legally refrain from doing. If there has been abuse or domestic violence there are actions you should take when starting the separation process..  

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California is a community property state. Property is assigned to either spouse as separate property or to the community. This process is called the characterizing of the property. Each spouse retains their separate property and the community property and debt are divided. In some cases determining the characterization is a complicated process that will involve experts. With the parties' input, their attorneys can draft an agreement that can be presented to the court with a request ordering final judgment of dissolution. The cost of making a mistake could be extremely high. If you have created an agreement consult a Tahoe Truckee Family Law Attorney before you file.